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At Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson we create 3D Visualisations/CGIs to communicate and inform clients of our concepts, aims and objectives.


At Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson we create 3D Visualisations/CGIs to communicate and inform clients of
our concepts, aims and objectives. Working with a variety of software and techniques our highly skilled
and knowledgeable in-house Graphics Team produce high end Visualisations/CGIs each tailored towards
the end goal.

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VisuAlisation Services

With a wide range of experience our in house Graphics Team work for clients on producing:

  • Computer Generated Images (CGIs) - when no photo of the contextual environment is available the site context can be created.
  • Photomontages - Compositing a raw rendered image of the created 3D Model and overlaying it on existing pre-approved photos of the site, this takes significantly less time than generating a full 3D Model.
  • Verified Views - Using GPS, Camera and Survey Data to accurately capture the proposed scheme image on an existing set of images.
  • 3D Illustrations - Turning information that can be complex and reducing it to its core massing state to achieve a clear representation on the proposed development in its early stages.

Commercial Awareness

Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson understand that commercial viability is the main focus and drive for any development and to this end we aim to attract potential investors, engage with the public at exhibitions, secure stakeholders and their expectations and submit planning applications, the end goal for us is to win support and excitement with compelling imagery produced to a high standard.

Securing planning permission can often be a challenging task, but presenting a Visualisation/CGI concept image that is clear and concise to decision makers can make the process run smoother and more efficiently as the proposed scheme can be viewed in detail and clarity.

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Inclusive Design

The selection of Visualisation/Artwork Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson provides ranges from 2D plans, coloured with an artistic flair, to fully formed 3D models incorporating key camera views, correct lighting, based on IES information, colouring and texturing to acquire the realism of materials and environments.

The dedicated Graphics Team works jointly with Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers to provide an all-inclusive service to produce realistic imagery that successfully promotes the development.

Working closely with the entire practice to provide the most time and cost effect solutions for our clients to exceed their expectations whilst adopting the most effective strategy to deliver the best results on time and within budget.

Client Requirements

Whilst working with the Architects, Engineers and Interior Design teams our Graphics Team undertake projects that only require CGIs. These bespoke projects usually have a quick turn-around time as a design freeze has already been implemented and the visualisations are required to give the project life.

Employing the use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) we are able to render under atmospherically correct lighting the proposed development and then composite this raw image into an existing photo and blended using specific software techniques to achieve a realistic photo matched image.

Our Visualisations/CGIs are produced in many different formats for different requirements and these are tailored to suit our clients' needs. Marketing material, Funding and Pitch Winning, Sun and Light studies, Aerial Shots, Animation/Flythrough Videos, Landscaping Modelling, Internal Visualisation and External Visualisation are all available to our clients.

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