University of Northampton Artshop

Northampton, UK

Completed September 2013

Northampton University, Art Shop, Northampton

Completed in September 2013, this scheme demonstrates the range of projects undertaken by Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson as well as the important relationship within our practice between architecture and interior design. The art shop is defined by its strong visual aesthetic, combining bold large-scale graphics with solid block colours.

Previously subdivided into two administrative offices, the space appeared dark and uninspiring despite the large windows that give the rooms so much light. Our design sought to create an open and inviting space, flooded with light and allowing customers to seek advice from the staff at the till from anywhere within the store.

The timber floor features blocks of colour, echoing the colourful walls and shelves. The flooring extends out through the entranceway into the corridor beyond, thereby giving the shop more visibility for passing customers. The feature doorway into the space also diminishes that boundary between inside and out, creating an open but defined entranceway.

Flexibility was also a key requirement of the client’s brief.  In response to this, all large high-level shelving was pushed to the wall giving more space for customer circulation. Additional shelving and display units are provided on casters to allow maximum adaptability in the shop’s layout. Ensuring that only low-level displays are used in the middle of the room also allows more light to permeate the room.


Project Overview

Project Name:  The Art Shop
Client:  Northampton University
Location:  Northampton
Services:  Architecture | Interior Design
Value:  £1m
Status:  Completed September 2013