Sheffield, UK

Completion August 2018

Broomgrove Gardens, Sheffield

Located in the Broomhill conservation area of Sheffield, Broomgrove Gardens was completed in August 2017. The scheme is comprised of 30 apartments and has been designed to echo the form of the neighbouring grade II listed buildings, including an architectural practice founded in 1834 by Matthew Ellison Hadfield.

The previous buildings on the site were single-story offices of timber construction. The new scheme is more in keeping with the character of the area, which is primarily residential although in recent years Sheffield Hallam University has made use of many of the older residential buildings on Broomgrove Road.


The new building addresses the street as a pair of “villas” separated by a glazed volume. The design is contemporary yet follows the scale, massing, materials and proportion of the surrounding buildings.  The layout evolved to retain the large lawn area and many of the mature trees bounding the site.

High quality, traditional materials have been utilised to emulate the large, detached stone villas that are scattered around the immediate area while ensuring that the building maintains a modern aesthetic.

Redevelopment of 17 Broomgrove Road, Sheffield
Redevelopment of 17 Broomgrove Road, Sheffield

The fourth floor of the scheme is of lightweight construction using steel, glass and timber. The frontage is set back from the main façade of the building. Each of these design choices results in a masking of the building’s total mass, thereby keeping the building’s scale in parity with the neighbouring buildings.

Aimed at the top end of the residential market, the apartments are generous in size, with a high quality specification, yet are designed to be efficient in layout and economical to operate. The design and layout of the development allows each individual apartment to be spacious with easy access and maximum exposure to light.