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David Lloyd Clubs, Colchester

David Lloyd Colchester is the 95th David Lloyd Club to be opened in the U.K. The site is located next to Colchester FC which imposed planning regulations.



Work was completed in 2016 on David Lloyd Colchester, forming part of an overall “Cuckoo Farm Northern Gateway” masterplan including a mixture of uses such as sport, leisure and business.

Working in conjunction with the Northern Gateway Vision gave us unique opportunities for collaboration across a number of disciplines. Central to our design was the desire to respond to the surrounding developments, combining to create a meaningful sense of place and retain and enhance the existing mature landscape.

The building’s form was derived from the functions enclosed, giving two distinct objects containing a double height tennis hall and a two storey leisure club. These forms were then overlaid and merged to create a building both visually stimulating and functionally compact.

The scheme included 20m and learner pools, luxury spa facilities, external spa garden and children’s crèche. The impressive double height tennis hall and expansive gym are surrounded by spin studios and yoga spaces creating a compact plan that revolves around the needs of the clubs members.

Our interior design team created a striking comprehensive graphic treatment for the centre, developing the David Lloyd brand and giving each space its own individual effect while maintaining parity across the building. The yoga studios feature immersive lighting and calming graphics while the spin studios come alive with a plethora of lights and video giving users that vital boost of energy.

The whole project was an exercise in creating value where it would be most vital. The interior spaces burst with rich tones and high quality furnishings while the external facades are allowed to be simple materially by virtue of their rolling and refreshing form.


Project Overview

Project Name:  DLC Colchester
Client:  David Lloyd Clubs
Location:  Colchester
Services:  Architecture | Interior Design
Value:  £10m
Status:  Completed September 2016